Dublin Castle Undercroft

Just a quick note about something I got up to at the weekend. I went on a tour of Dublin Castle. And, as interesting as it was seeing the places the Queen visited only two weeks ago, what really got me going was the Medieval Undercroft. It’s essentially the foundations of the old castle, under street level. You can even get to see a bit of the River Poddle that flows under the city – (and is a main feature of Arthur Quinn’s world!) The tour is €2 for kids, €3.50 for students and €4.50 for adults and is well worth it.

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  1. Derek Hollingsworth says:

    A chara, who is ‘the Queen’. We do not have a queen as our royalty were killed off and dispossessed in the middle ages – by those in Dublin Castle. We have ‘a President/ an tUachtarán’. Many of our antecedents suffered or died because of the policies of ‘the Queen’s’ antecedents. We are no longer slaves, nor are we inferior. We are equals. Your lapse suggests an underlying inferiority. Would you refer to any other Monarch as ‘the King’ or ‘the Queen’? Is mise le meas, Derek O’Broin Hollingsworth.

    • Alan says:

      My blog is written in a chatty, casual and coloquial manner; much like how I would talk to friends. And my blog readers respond to this style.

      I used the term ‘The Queen’ because this is how I would refer to her among friends. It’s shorthand; nothing more and certainly not ‘an underlying inferiority’. If I was chatting about David Cameron, I would refer to him ‘The Prime Minister’, not because he’s our leader but as a shorthand method of mentioning the leader of our nearest neighbour. Likewise with ‘The Queen.’

      Nowhere have I mentioned that we are inferior, slaves or not equal. You have.

      You ask who ‘The Queen’ is and yet you perfectly understand who I mean with your history lesson. Seems the shorthand worked there, eh?

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