Pottermore Update

So apparently, JK Rowling’s mysterious Pottermore project is an online treasure hunt that leads fans to prizes in the real world. If this is true – (and I hope it is as it’s better than some of the theories I’ve heard so far) – I like it. It’s all very Willy Wonka. Let’s hope that if this is, indeed, the case, that Pottermore is inclusive of Ireland!

According to the Guardian;

News of the project emerged after the Times appeared to have been sent a memo by mistake, although it is not known if it was sent as a marketing device. PR company Adam & Eve appears to be behind the project, and has, in the past, conducted online treasure hunts using Google maps. Last year it created LittleBigMap, a game designed to promote the video game LittleBigPlanet 2, which encouraged users to find new markers on the map by following clues.

Read the Guardian article here

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