Locke & Key

Joe Hill is one of my favourite new horror writers. His work is always so original and manages to meld fantasy and terror as well as Neil Gaiman. He writes characters you care for and the plots keep you guessing right up till the last page.

So I was thrilled when I heard that Fox were adapting his comic-book series Locke & Key for TV.  I was even more thrilled when I heard that the cast would include the much underused Nick Stahl and Ireland’s own Sarah Bolger and that it would be directed by Mark Romenek (‘Never Let Me Go’, Johnny Cash ‘Hurt’ video, etc).

But then Fox, in their infinite wisdom, have decided not to screen the episode. At all. 

It’s not a case of showing the pilot and not commissioning a series. They’ve decided just to leave it sitting on a shelf somewhere. It was shown at ComicCon and got rave reviews from fans and critics alike but still Fox aren’t going to broadcast it.

It’s not surprising really. This is the network that cancelled Futurama – twice – Family Guy, Firefly; the list goes on. What is surprising is that they’d spend so much money on the pilot and then decide to do nothing with it. You’d think they’d release it on DVD at least. Certainly all the fans (and there are a lot!) would go out and buy it.

Anyway, the trailer has leaked online. Take a look. I’ve included two links in case one of them goes down.

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