School Visits – Longford Libraries, Oct 2011

Last week I had the pleasure of visiting four libraries in Longford. As well as reading from my book, I discussed story writing and then got the groups to create their own brand new Viking God and make up a story based on this character.

First up were the class from 124, St Mels College in Longford. They created a god called Tauro who could time travel, make faces melt off and had a fingernail that would shoot out to kill his enemies. Next the class from Ballymahon wrote stories about a god who was being kidnapped by a freak show. The group from Lanesboro came up with a Viking god called BillyBob. One of his special powers was the ability to eat as much Chinese food as he wanted. Finally, the class from Granard created a goddess called ‘UGLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE’ who loved giving flies electric shocks.

I had great fun listening to the endless imaginations of all the groups. None of their gods or stories were the same and it was a real joy to read what they’d written!

I’ve included some images of the St Mel’s stories and god below. One of my favourite lines has to be ‘Then the other god hit him with a berry and gingernut biscuit and stabbed him with his long fingernail’!


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