Antonia’s Bookstore book club 30/11/11

This is the first time I’ve met a book club who have read my book and it was a very fun experience. The members had some really great insights into the book, noticing the tiniest of things that even I hadn’t! They were full of questions, asking me to clarify certain parts or to give them hints for the rest of the series. A couple of them even took guesses about where the story would go… (I tried dodging these as much as possible!)

Overall, it was a different experience from a class visit. In the classroom environment, a lot of the children enjoying reading or being read to and they are interested in meeting me. But in a book club, about half the members want to be writers when they grow up, so they really want to hear what you have to do to become a writer. They’re interested in the choices you made in the book and they’re interested in how you write.

Antonia’s Bookstore is a great little shop. I love places like this, where the bookseller clearly loves books. You should stop in for a browse the next time you’re in Trim!

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