St Josephs Mercy Primary 30/11/11

A few weeks ago I got a missed call. When I listened back to the voicemail, it was from a teacher in Navan telling me how much her class had been enjoying ‘Arthur Quinn and the World Serpent’ and how excited they would be to have me visit. I, of course, promised that I would visit them and on the 30th of November I was true to my word.

Like the Hunt School, this was one of the first school visits where the class had read most of the book and had questions prepared. As soon as I was in the door, I was asked for a few high fives! After talking about the book and writing for a bit, I discovered that the class had drawn pictures based on their favourite scenes. (A few of them are below!) They had also studied the history of the Vikings and their myths in great detail.

As I went around the class looking at the pictures and signing anything I was asked to sign, the pupils kept enthusing about the book. One boy even said that he wished Arthur was real! Another called me a saint!

They had some great questions prepared; about the book, about writing, about my favourite colour, about what football team I supported. When I informed them that I didn’t actually like football, there were groans. But they pushed me to give some answers so I think I made amends somewhat by naming Arsenal.

As if I wasn’t on a big enough high by the end, just before leaving three of the boys stood in front of the class and sung to me. It was a song they wrote and was really excellent! I have to say I had a great time visiting the class and hope to visit them again next year for book 2!

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  1. Edel Giles says:

    Thank you so much Alan for coming to visit our class in St. Joseph’s Mercy Primary School,Navan.The children could not believe how young you were and were so excited to finally meet you. You had them from the minute you walked in-they were hanging from your every word .Even when the bell rang for first break there was no rush towards the door.The children really loved you as a person as well as an author.I think that long after the everyday grind of the usual school subjects has been forgotten your visit will remain one of the highlights of the childrens’ schooldays.Thanks Alan for taking the time to come and see us and good luck with the next few novels we will have ours ordered in advance!Love from all your young fans in fourth class ,St. Joseph’s Mercy Primary School,Navan xx

  2. k. daly says:

    Dear Alan
    My son was so delighted to meet you, and now wants to be an author. Which is not bad at least he has the whole house reading . Thanx for signing his picture and lunchbox and schoolbag… is like he met a celebrity. Himself and the whole class had a great day….All the questions that you were asked I bet He was the one asking the most.

  3. Tia Lynch says:

    Hi Alan im one of the girls in edel giles class i was really happy when teacher said u were coming into visit our class i couldnt wait . I really liked the part where u asked us to make up a viking ourselfs and when u were gone teacher asked us to write a story about a viking it was really fun . Thanks again Alan for coming into our class i was really happy when u came thanks for all that fun on that day . Merry Chrismas and a happy new year .

    • Alan says:

      Hi Tia

      I’m glad you had a good day and that you enjoyed making up your own Viking. Merry Christmas and be sure to tell the class I hope they have one too!

  4. kate mulhern says:

    hi alan

    i am one of many girlch from st joseph’s mercy primary school navan.thanks soooo sooooo much for coming to our school i really had good fun i hope you can come again for book 2 by the way i am the girl who told you the story about odian but you told us that i was the first to know the story from all the schools you have been too

    thanks alan

  5. lanre says:

    i am a boy from edel giles class i hope u come next yaer for ur next book and i can never stop reading ur first book please make it a movie

    • Cillian lee says:

      hi Alan i was so exited wen my teacher Edel Giles said that u were coming to our class i hope that someone will make the book into a movie anyway i am the boy who first asked for a hi five by the way i loved ur book sooooooo much i can not wait till THE SECOND ONE COMES OUT and that they make that one into a movie thanks for the card merry xmas and a happy new year

      • Alan says:

        Hi Cillian
        I do remember the first high five! Thanks for the message and be sure to check out the advent calendar on the site; there will be a short story tomorrow that might keep you entertained until the second book comes out!

    • Alan says:

      Hi Lanre
      I really hope it will be a movie one day. But I don’t think that it’ll happen for years. Either way I’m glad you enjoyed the book and hope you’ll like the next one!

  6. lanre says:

    i am a boy from edel jiles class and i love ur book please make a movie and visit next year for ur next book

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