Skype School Events

Michelle Moloney-King¬†drew my attention to this blog on Twitter yesterday. Essentially it’s a listing of authors – all based in the States – who offer 20 minute Skype calls to schools for free.

It’s an interesting premise and would certainly help raise the profile of your book abroad. But I’m not sure there would be much call for Irish writers to Skype Irish schools. The country is so small that you can travel anywhere, meet a few classes and be back home easily within a day. One of the great things about being a writer is getting to meet the readers who’ve enjoyed your book. I’m not sure if this work quite as well through a computer screen.

So what do you think? Teachers and parents out there – would you be interested in Skype school events? Authors – do you feel that these Skype events could work?

Either way, I’m willing to give a Skype even a try if anyone out there is interested. You can contact me about a Skype event or ordinary school visit here!

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