Soundtrack for Arthur (Book 2)

As I wrote in a previous post, music plays a big part for me whenever I’m coming up my stories. Sometimes I listen as I write but generally it’s whenever I’m strolling around the place, earphones in, world shut out and thinking about the various adventures Arthur gets up to.

There’s a bit more music mentioned in ‘Arthur Quinn and the Fenris Wolf’ than there was in ‘World Serpent’ so I figured I’d list some of the tracks that inspired the feel of the story. Some of you may like to use this list as a kind of soundtrack for reading, while others may just be interested in the songs that I had in mind, while even more of you will probably say that this is a boring post and that you have no interest in it.

Regardless… Here are the tracks.


99 Red Baloons’ by Nena

When we first meet Arthur in ‘Fenris Wolf’, he and his friends are at a bowling alley. In the book it says that a pop song from the 1980s is playing. I only really had one track in mind when I wrote this – ’99 Red Baloons’ by Nena. I really like the way the song starts; slow at first and then kicking right into it with a fun beat. If this was a film, I imagine the prologue ending with that quiet part of the song before we arrive in the bright and colourful world of the bowling alley. The song is so upbeat that it works as a perfect contrast to the scary thing that happens later on in the chapter!


‘Here Comes the Boogeyman’ – Henry Hall

Okay. I’m going to be careful not to give too much away about the story here. But the first time we meet the Fenris Wolf in the book, I’ve written that there is old fashioned ragtime music playing. When I wrote that line, I didn’t actually have any particular song in mind but I recently stumbled across this track and it’s got just the right feel! It’s scratchy, ancient, bouncy but kind of creepy too. Plus it’s about a boogeyman and surely Loki is the ultimate boogeyman!


‘Waterloo’ – John Powell

This piece of music is over ten minutes long and I could only find it on YouTube split into two videos. It’s from The Bourne Ultimatum and, unlike the above tracks, I remember listening to this on a loop as I wrote. For me it’s a perfect partner to the National Museum scene. (I’m not saying why; you’ll just have to read it for yourself and see!)

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