Robert Dunbar, rest in peace

It’s a while since I’ve blogged but felt that it was easier to get my thoughts out in a blog rather than a series of disjointed tweets.
Yesterday, I heard the very sad news that Robert Dunbar had passed away.
For those who don’t know, Robert was a children’s literature commentator, a journalist and educator. I was honoured to meet him on a few occasions, including one cold sunny morning we met in Rathmines for a coffee, which turned into several coffees, all the while chatting about books and writing and life.
Ireland has an especially supportive children’s book community. Yesterday that community lost one of its greatest champions. Robert was at the heart of the community and always full of enthusiasm. I will never forget the feeling of immense gratitude and joy when I read the overwhelmingly kind words he’d written about my book.
So my deepest sympathy go to his family and friends. He was one of a kind and will be missed greatly.
And to Robert, I say thank you.
And rest in peace.

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