Name: Loki
Age: Ageless
From: Asgard, land of the gods
Aliases: The Father of Lies, Sky-walker, Wolf-father
Descrption: Some eye-witnesses describe Loki as an old, scarred man with a great beard in dirty clothes while others describe him as a young man, neat and clean, wearing a fitted pin-stripe suit. Loki is a shape-shifter.
Associates with: His monstrous children; the World Serpent, the Fenris Wolf and a third...
Notes: Loki is the evil trickster god in Norse mythology. With his three monstrous children, he aims to destroy the world. As he is the Father of Lies, you shouldn't believe a word he says. It is believed that he was directly involved in the Oct/22 Case.
Whereabouts: UNKNOWN
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