Here are a selection of other characters that may be of interest...

Miss Keegan
The young teacher of Arthur and Ash in Belmont School. She stands out in the schoolhalls with her curly, strawberry blonde hair.

Ruairi & Deirdre
These are two junior engineers that work with Joe. Ruairi eats nothing but greasy fast food while Deirdre is thin as a rake. Deirdre has feelings for Ruairi but will he ever open his heart to see her?

This is Ash's older sister. She looks just like a more grown up version of Ash and goes to the local secondary school.

Bjorn is the leader of the Viking Dead Army - (or Arthur's second-in-command!) He is one of the oldest warriors in the band of fighters.

Garda Morrissey (aka Detective Morrissey)
Morrissey is a Garda (and later, detective) who keeps running into Arthur and his friends during Loki's schemes.

Cousin Maggie
Cousin Maggie is actually Ash and Max's grand aunt. Why she's called Cousin Maggie is actually a long story. She's a fun and bubbly lady who the Barry children love being around.

This is Ash's new puppy. Her hind legs are lame but that just makes Ash love her even more!

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