5 to try

Author Joe Hill posed an interesting question on his blog earlier. What 5 things have you never done as a writer that you would like to try? It got me thinking so here are my 5.


1.Write a graphic novel

This is an easy one. I’ve always loved comics and have a pretty decent collection. I also love art and have studied fine art, graphic design and film in college – all of which work nicely with the medium of graphic novels. It’s years since I made any art on paper properly and I’m sure I’ve lost whatever talent I may have had in that area so I wouldn’t be able to draw a comic but I would absolutely love to write one. If any comic artists or illustrators out there want to collaborate, give me a holla!


2. Collaborate

This kind of links in with the above. I’d love to collaborate with another writer or an illustrator. I think it’d be fascinating to come up with an idea together with someone.


3. Write an episode of a TV programme

Preferably Doctor Who! (I’d also love to have the opportunity to write a Doctor Who novel.) I’d be really interested in immersing myself in someone else’s characters. And what better way to do this than through TV.


4. Write a feature film.

I’ve written and directed many short films. But one day I will sit down and write a feature. I’d like to write a big, fun, epic film – the kind of story I want to tell.


5. Write a serialised story

Many of Dickens’ novels were originally published in serialised form. Even Stephen King recently re-visited this type of storytelling with The Green Mile. I’d love to write a long, serialised set of shorter novels that get released every couple of months instead of every year. I think it’d be a difficult challenge but a fun one.


Over to you. Is there anything you’d like to write that you haven’t yet?


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