5 to try

Author Joe Hill posed an interesting question on his blog earlier. What 5 things have you never done as a writer that you would like to try? It got me thinking so here are my 5.


1.Write a graphic novel

This is an easy one. I’ve always loved comics and have a pretty decent collection. I also love art and have studied fine art, graphic design and film in college – all of which work nicely with the medium of graphic novels. It’s years since I made any art on paper properly and I’m sure I’ve lost whatever talent I may have had in that area so I wouldn’t be able to draw a comic but I would absolutely love to write one. If any comic artists or illustrators out there want to collaborate, give me a holla! Read the rest of this entry »

Character Art Callout

As some of you know already, book two (‘Arthur Quinn and the Fenris Wolf’) is coming out in August. To coincide with the launch, we’re going to be unleashing a brand new version of the Arthur Quinn website a few weeks before the book comes out. One of the big additions to the new site is going to be a much more in-depth look at the characters. I want to include an illustration of each character as well. And I thought that the best person to do this is… well… you!

So send in your drawings! I want to see pictures of Arthur, Ash, Will, Max, Joe, Loki – everyone! You can take a photo of the drawings or scan them in and then use the form here to send them.

I can’t wait to see what you all come up with.

Then and now

Back in the early nineties, my uncle who lived in America at the time brought back a book for my younger brother Paul. It was the Best Word Book Ever by Richard Scarry. Paul loved the book (mainly because it had pictures of fire-fighters!) and I remember flicking through it myself from time to time. I don’t think it was ever sold in this side of the world. I never saw it in any bookshops then and haven’t now.

Anyway, this flickr account grabbed my attention when I stumbled on it. Turns out that there are two versions of Scarry’s book. The first was released in 1963 and then his revised version came out in 1991. (We owned the revised version.) It’s interesting looking at what he decided to change nearly thirty years later and will tell you a little about how the world changed too. Have a look.


Superhero illustrations by Liam Brazier

I love these superhero illustrations by Liam Brazier. Lots more on his site.