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I was born in Leitrim, Ireland and now live in Dublin, in the sometimes-posh and leafy suburb of Ranelagh. I studied in the National Film School, Dun Laoghaire. Upon graduation in 2008, I co-founded Annville Films. From an early age I used to write and illustrate short stories about Banshees and ghost animals and whatever else struck my imagination. My first attempt at writing a novel was while I was still at school and was about, amongst other things, a telepathic fish. When I was about ten, I visited Dublinia, a recreated Viking village and so began an interest in Viking lore that survives today.

I like books that have pages made of paper and also a beginning, middle and end. I dislike writing biographies about myself. I’m a picky eater but, despite that, quite like raisins.

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  1. Arthur Quinn says:

    Alan, How did you come to use the name Arthur Quinn in your books ?

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