Children’s Book Festival 2012

As I type these words, I’m on a train to Ennis. (I’m working on an Android tablet connected to a fiddly little keyboard that’s smaller than my hand and I have to slam each key to get the character up on the screen.) Anyway… I’m right in the middle of the glorious insanity that is Children’s Book Festival. Last week, I met ten different classes alone – in South Dublin Libraries, Meath County Libraries and my local bookshop, Dubray Rathmines. Over the next few days, I’ll be visiting Clare Libraries and, as the month progresses, I’ll be in various locations in Dublin, Cork, Longford and more. And all the while I’m working on Arthur Quinn 3 re-writes. I’d be lying if I said October isn’t tiring. But I’d also be lying if I said it isn’t LOADS of fun. Hopefully I’ll see you as part of CBF! If not, check out for full listings.

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