Arthur Quinn and Hell’s Keeper TEASERS (Now all in one handy post!)

Last week I posted a few teasers for ‘Arthur Quinn and Hell’s Keeper’ (aka Arthur Quinn 3) on Twitter. I figured I’d put them all here – (with the trailer!) – to give you a better chance of piecing together the clues.

You can find more info (and a couple more hints) at the rebooted Arthur Quinn website. The book hits the shelves at the start of August and you can find out what everything means then!


  • ‘People will whisper your name around campfires and in the dark of night. You, Hel, will be the thing they fear the most.’
  • ‘Graffiti covered the walls… One read “Burn in Hell!” and beneath it someone else had sprayed “We’re already in it!”‘
  • ‘Then, without any warning, he unhooked his seat belt, flung open the passenger door and leaped out of the speeding car.’
  • ‘Loki’s throne was a thing of wonder.’

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